Summer is upon us and with it, the need for a decent tent. Whether it’s for Glastonbury, Wilderness, a summer sleep-over in the garden or a holiday on the beach, you’ll want something that stands out from the crowd. British company FieldCandy has just the thing: its tents come in genius, why-did-no-one-do-this-before prints like What A Melon, Don’t be A Leopard, Get A Room, Maple Leaf, Big Top, Rule Britannia, Wild-Life, Pride, Snug As A Bug and Worlds Smallest Pub. These brilliant designs are now famous around the world. All accommodate 2-3 people and are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions. FieldCandy’s clever SunShades make perfect mini-awnings for sunbathers, while Little Campers teepees for kids, play mats, Snoos pillows and solar power packs add to the mix. Personalised designs are also available. StyleCard holders get 20% off all purchases made online at FieldCandy’s e-store before June 30 2015. It’s all pitch perfect. Whatever the weather.
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